Admits Judge commercial mercy of Alta

Jessika Becerra

Cd. De México (April 20, 2017) .- Two of the multiple companies of Grupo Alta could enter into commercial competition in the coming months.

This, according to the admissible order of the commercial contest of the Judge, whose copy has REFORM.

Since March 2015, Alta has stopped paying at least 4,700 million pesos to 2,800 investors of Fontástiko phones and Mambo stores, who received returns of up to 20 percent per year.

According to the document, the admission of the commercial competition of the companies Automation of Productive Services and Genera Destino was issued by the Seventh Judge of District in Civil Matters of the CDMX on February 27.

Likewise, the admissible order shows that the plaintiff of the contest was Guillermo Garduño Aguilar, corporate legal director of Alta Group, who was deputy deputy of the Convergence party in the 61st legislature.

Sources close indicated that neither company responded to the claim, so the facts are presumed to be certain.

They pointed out that probably in June the Federal Judge will issue the judgment of declaration of commercial competition with a preliminary list of creditors.

Meanwhile, one of the people affected by Alta won a judgment in favor of his company against this company, which is advancing its legal process to recover its investment, said its lawyer Edward Regalado.

“We won a final sentence, we have 4 groups, 4 lawsuits, all in the civil lane, some are collective and others are individual,” said the lawyer.

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