Advise forced review NvbolaAdvise forced review Nvbola

Cd. De México (April 19, 2017) .- Anyone who makes an offer of securities brokerage is subject to supervision by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), as is the case with Nvbola.

So it was held by Edward Regalado, expert lawyer in financial matters of Regalado and Galindo.

Yesterday, this company said on its website that it is not subject to supervision by the CNBV because it does not have securities that appear in the National Registry of Securities.

However, this omission was pointed out on Monday by the CNBV in a press release, as Nvbola offers to buy shares representing the Nvbola Tower located in Puebla, through an invitation to buy square meters of this property.

Therefore, the CNBV is investigating its operations.

Regalado explained that when someone by any mass medium of communication conducts a public offering it is required that the securities or shares are registered in the National Registry of Securities.

“The CNBV is empowered not only by the law to make the public aware when conducting investigations into facts or acts related to violations of the Securities Market Law,” he said. “It’s not contentious. The law obliges all those who fit in their assumptions, and is a provision of public order and mandatory application throughout the country, “he said.

Regalado warned that as in other cases already occurred, there could be in investment schemes like those of Nvbola, a dramatic affectation to a significant number of investors. Rejection of illegality The company Inmuebles2, which on its website promotes investments in the commercial area of ​​Nvbola Center, located in Puebla, indicated through a video that it disseminated in its site, that the illegality of its operations is false and that they are backed in the Law of the marketc of values.

“Under Article 10 of the Securities Market Law Nvbola Center is exempt from any supervision of the National Banking and Securities Commission, because Nvbola Center is a completely private company,” said Alejandro Flores, director of communication of Inmuebles2. The company rejected REFORMA’s consultation on this issue.

According to the aforementioned article, investment promotion corporations will not be subject to the supervision of the Commission, unless they register securities in the National Registry of Securities. The project is developed by the company Puebla Blueicon, which according to its website, started operations in 2012.


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