Affected by Ficrea claim 100 mp

The office Regalado & Galindo Abigados, representative of 60 of the more than 4 thousand 900 savers defrauded by the popular financial society (Sofipo) Ficrea, has filed several class actions before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice, with which it expects to recover around q00 millions of pesos.

Edward Martin Regalado, representative of this group of savers and founder of the law firm, indicated that they expect a response between March or April of the following year, and if positive, the affected clients they represent will benefit.

In a conference to mark the third anniversary of the intervention and suspension of activities of financial entity headed by Rafael Olvera Amezcua, he informed that, in addition, this process can benefit other savers, who have had to suspend legal claims.

“Justice takes time, but it gives us a lot of light the fact that for the first time we are before an impartial tribunal, because the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission) was a judge and a party, and we trust that the plenary session will be able to pronounce a judgment that recognizes this damage to those affected and, in addition, we are asking that the president of the commission be publicly apologized to all savers for its irrefutability, “he said.

However, the lawyer clarified that the court does not have the last word, because the losing party, whether those affected or the defendant, may challenge the ruling before a Collegiate Circuit Court or the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, that jurisprudence would be created and, with this, it would help other people who in the future would be affected by this type of fraud.

He pointed out that the regulatory agency acted in an irresponsible manner because it did not verify that Ficrea complied with all the requirements before starting operations; its officials should not have recognized the illegal acquisition of control and the entity’s actions by Rafael Olvera.

“In addition, the CNBV had knowledge since mid-2011, if not since 2010, of the main breaches and evidences that they invoked in November 2014 to intervene in the management of Ficrea, and that there was a conflict of interest in the auxiliary supevisión of that institution through the Atlantic Pacifico Federation and Sergio Ortiz Valencia, director of that and in charge of the internal surveillance of the latter, “he said.

Source: Milenio

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