Edward Martin: FICREA case resolution would only cover 11 percent of the total damage

In an interview for “MVS News with Carlos Reyes”, Edward Martin Regalado, lawyer and legal representative of the defrauded FICREA, mentioned that with the sentence published by the federal judge ended the intervention that was in the hands of the National Banking Commission, So it will now be controlled by the judge.

He commented that in aspects of recovery of savings of all affected, it is not such a lucky news, since the sentence left by the judge, the liquid assets that currently exist in FICREA, would only cover 11 percent of the damage caused to those affected.

For this reason, they have considered starting other channels so that those who have been responsible for the bankruptcy of this financial institution and that affected more than 7 thousand people are not left out.

Source: www.noticiasmvs.com

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