Mr. Regalado is specialized in commercial and civil law, litigation and arbitration with over 15 years of experience. His practice comprises State responsibility for wrongful acts, constitutional law (e.g. freedom of speech and right of reply), public and private international law, banking, real estate, suretyship and insurance law, oil & gas, leasing, trusts, transactions, consulting, contracts, and conflicts of laws and jurisdictions.

He is well known for conducting successful two-pronged litigations on the fraudulent bankruptcy of the financial entities “Ficrea” and “Alta Grupo” for several billions of pesos, claiming the lifting of the corporate veil in the commercial lawsuit, and the State responsibility for wrongful acts in the administrative arena. Mr. Regalado has also successfully defended a huge luxury resort involving nine figures, where each real estate unit was illegally sold 3 or 4 times, winning the 91 litigations that sprang from such case.

We have caused the first judicial precedent in Mexico in regard to the constitutional right of reply. Our lawfirm conducted the first lawsuit on behalf of the presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya vs El Universal on account of false and inaccurate information published by such newspaper.


Bachelor of Laws with honors, Escuela Libre de Derecho, México.
LLM on Settlement of International Disputes, University of Cambridge, UK.
4-year studies on Industrial Energy with honors, CETMA.
Energy and Oil amendments seminar, Escuela Libre de Derecho.


Citizen Judicial Counsel appointed by Mexico City House of Representatives.
Professor of Civil Obligations, Universidad Iberoamericana.
Professor of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Universidad Iberoamericana.
Adjunct professor of Civil Obligations, Escuela Libre de Derecho.
Adjunct professor of Commercial Procedural Law, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas.
Coordinator of the Commercial Law Commission, Barra Mexicana Bar Association.
Legislative Liaison and sub-coordinator of the Civil Law Commission, Barra Mexicana Bar Association.


“Usury in light of the ex officio judicial control of conventionality: a question in commercial contracts”. “Freedom of contract and judicial control of conventionality. A new way of resolving disputes”. “Unpredictability Theory under the Civil Code (rebus sic stantibus clause)”. “Problems on evidence presentations and judicial opposition to find out the facts truth”. “2009 Procedural Civil Code Amendments”, “Same gender marriage. A state-of-the-art bill or an institutional weakness?”, “The new configuration of moral damage under Mexican local and federal law”.


Spanish and English.


Civil and commercial litigation
Real estate
Banking and finance
Insurance and suretyship
Constitutional Law & Human Rights
Family law
Energy, Oil &Power Generation
State responsibility for wrongful acts