It warms 2018

As the 2018 electoral process progresses, we see the strategies of politicians to discredit their rivals. The case of Ricardo Anaya, president of Acción Nacional, is the spearhead of what we do not yet know, so it will be relevant that a new electoral law be debated, since the current one leaves a lot of room for dirty play that, undoubtedly, It does not benefit Mexicans. The defense of Anaya Cortés has initiated a legal action for information disseminated, arguing that it is false and inaccurate. The widespread is that the PAN family has increased its real estate and fortune in recent years, hand in hand with his political career, that his father-in-law owns the “Fuentes Residencial” development, of more than 300 million pesos, and that the company that he bought an industrial warehouse for his family, his address is a vacant lot and as partners to people without the necessary solvency, something that they say has already been denied.

Among the defense of the blue and white leader is the lawyer Edward Martín Regalado, whom you probably remember from the case of Ficrea by Rafael Olvera Amezcua. The important thing is that it is the spearhead so that in Mexican democracy there is more debate for national interests than for private interests. Surely in the PAN case will be the Supreme Court who has the last word.

Source: 24 hours


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