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Tramitan amparos para acelerar reconstrucción

Antonio Baranda

Cd. De México (September 11, 2018) .- A group of residents of Union Hidalgo, Oaxaca, filed several amparo lawsuits to accelerate the reconstruction in that municipality after the earthquakes of a year ago, correct irregularities in the delivery of credit cards. support to victims and demand a new census of damages.

In the lawsuits, promoted by more than 100 families, there are delays in the reconstruction process -they estimate that it barely reaches 30 percent-, incomplete deposits in Bansefi cards, unjustified withdrawals of resources from these cards and freezing of support.

The lawyer Víctor González Báez, legal representative of the plaintiffs, indicated that the lawsuits are against President Enrique Peña Nieto and Governor Alejandro Murat, as well as the Secretariats of the Interior, Public Education, Agrarian Development, Fonden and Bansefi, among others.

In the first lawsuit, lodged in November 2017, they requested immediate, urgent and effective actions so that 400 students from Technical High School Number 33 returned to take classes, after the school suffered damages and was rendered unusable.

To date, said the president of the Association of Parents of Secondary School, Edgar Martín Regalado, the school has not been repaired -go to 12 percent of reconstruction- and students while taking classes do so in temporary classrooms that They were enabled at the beginning of the year.

The second amparo was promoted in May 2018, because the federal government deposited incomplete, to at least 27 people, the 120 thousand pesos promised as support for the total loss of their homes.

“The authorities were obliged in terms of the law to deposit 120,000 pesos to the victims, and of this amount none of the victims was deposited completely, some (they were deposited) 30 thousand, another 60 thousand a another 90, about 15 thousand, “accused González Baez”.

Not satisfied that the 120,000 were not deposited, the responsible authorities withdrew their money, Bansefi’s movement listings clearly show the withdrawal of amounts from the accounts, and there was freezing of small balances in favor of these people” .

In a conference, the lawyer aired that two other lawsuits of amparo were filed this week to raise a new census of those affected and deliver the full amounts of the support.


A group of residents of Union Hidalgo, Oaxaca, filed amparo suits to speed up reconstruction and correct irregularities in support. Photo: Antonio Baranda.