Protection by COVID for indigenous Zapotecs

Regalado & Galindo Abogados has promoted protection demands for immediate vaccination against COVID19 of hundreds of indigenous Zapotecs of the 3rd age of Ranchu Gubiña, Oax.

Indigenous people deserve special protection. Unfortunately, the entire Isthmus of Tehuantepec has been excluded from the vaccination plan and as of today Oaxaca is on a green traffic light.

The Federal Judges have ordered in our protection that said vaccine be applied immediately.

We urge the Government to comply immediately and guarantee the right to health in all indigenous areas.

Press coverage

National Palace press conference

Proceso: Oaxaca, Zapotec community gains protection for the population to be vaccinated against covid-19.

El Universal: In Oaxaca, Zapotec elders up to 95 years old gain protection to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Diario Marca: Elderly adults from the Isthmus win protection to be vaccinated.

Quadratin: Elderly adults from the Isthmus win protection to be vaccinated.

Istmo Press: They win protection so that the Zapotecs of Unión Hidalgo receive the vaccine against Covid-19.

Página 3: Unpublished: Zapotec community presents protection and wins; They will apply the vaccine against Covid-19, Now!

24 horas: Another thrust at García Luna, Calderón and Loret.

Istmo Press: Zapotecs give the government a second dose and return to protect themselves to obtain vaccines against Covid-19.

Pie de Página: Zapotecs gain protection to be vaccinated.

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