They sue the State affected by Ficrea

Only a few days after the expiration of the deadline for the defrauded of Ficrea to sue the State on the grounds that failed in monitoring in this popular financial society and that resulted in fraud to more than 6,800 people, claims for damages Continue to appear in the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). According to those affected, the demand is that the State pay the money deposited in Ficrea, as well as interest, and also liquidates, for compensation, an amount equivalent to 20,000 times the minimum wage before the Moral damage suffered by such a scam.

A defrauded party who asked not to be named and filed the complaint at the CNBV’s premises, along with five others, said that after the complaint was filed, the regulatory body has to reply in approximately three months if it accepts Or discard the complaint.

The defrauded said that, according to previous experiences of the same defraudados, it is probable that the CNBV discard the complaint and in this scenario, an amparo would be interposed by the decision of the body presided over by Jaime González Aguadé.

“In the event that the amparo is granted (by CNBV resolution), we would go to court and then go to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN). If we do well, the case would be in the SCJN in November 2016, “said The defrauded. Ficrea’s saver said that this way to recover its resources is not opposed to the next tender of the sofipo, as both alternatives are complementary. “They do not oppose; In any case (both ways) are complementary, because in the mercantile competition will be paid to the savers as far as Ficrea has money, but there will be an unfinished part, which is what the state has to pay, “he said.

“If they owe me 2 million pesos and in the mercantile competition they pay me 500,000 pesos, the State would have to pay me 1 million 500,000 pesos, plus the amount of compensation for moral damages,” he said. The Federal Law on State Responsibility indicates that a person allegedly affected by this law is valid for one year to file the corresponding claim as of the date on which the management intervention was announced.

Trades, the base

The saver said that the demand is based on trades issued by the CNBV detailing that since 2012 this agency detected flaws in the operation of Ficrea. “For what reason, if since 2012 the CNBV detected flaws in the administration and financial viability of Ficrea, did not stop the activities of the sofipo?”, Questioned the affected by this fraud that began its relationship with this entity since the 2014.

This demand – of which this means has a copy – promotes the formal complaint against the CNBV, as well as its president, Jaime González Aguadé, and his Vice President of Banking Development and Popular Finance, Gabriel Napoleón Díaz Leyva.

These officials, according to the lawsuit, became aware as of 2011 of the irregularities that motivated the determination to revoke the authorization granted to Ficrea to operate as a popular financial society. This lawsuit is joined by similar ones brought by other savers coordinated by various lawyers such as Fauzi Hamdan and Edwin Regalado.


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